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Saturday 28th Sept / Sunday 29th Sept 2019
Newcastle-Under-Lyme High School



  • The Championships are open to all players who are qualified to play for Staffordshire as specified in the section on County Championships regulations in the Badminton Association of England official handbook.
  • All players must be “bona fide” playing members of a Badminton Club affiliated to the Staffordshire County Badminton Association and the Badminton Association of England.
  •  If players are not ready when called upon to play, the referee will have the power to scratch them from that particular event.
  • As far as possible all doubles events will be played on a round robin basis, group winners will then play in a knockout tournament to decide the eventual winner. The committee do however reserve the right to alter the format of events accordingly without prior notice.
  • Players will be informed of start times prior to the event once entry numbers are confirmed and should therefore be available to play throughout both days.
  • It may be necessary to alter the order of events and play semi-finals and finals on Sunday. This will be decided by the tournament organiser once entries have been confirmed and a match schedule completed.
  • The Tournament will be played with the new BE scoring system.
  • The committee’s decision on all matters is final.
  • Entries should be paid, preferably in advance, by cash or cheque to Ed Twigge. Please make cheques payable to: Staffordshire County Badminton Association and post to Ed Twigge, 1 Pilkington Ave, Westlands, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 3RA
  • Badminton Association of England approved shuttlecocks will be used for all events.
  • In doubles events, players are permitted to enter partner wanted. The committee will do their best to find partners but no guarantee can be given. The entrant will be advised accordingly.
  • Please enter your partner name and BE Affiliation Number in the comments section

Affiliation of players

For up to date information about affiliation please contact the County Secretary. However, when entering, players must enter their Badminton Association affiliation number in the space provided. If your affiliation number is not entered your entry may be refused.

Click on the events below to Enter (Please enter your partner name and BE Affiliation Number in the comments section)

Men's SinglesSaturday 12:30pmEnter here
Ladies SinglesSaturday 1pmEnter here
Mixed DoublesSaturday 3pmEnter here
Men's DoublesSunday 9amEnter here
Ladies DoublesSunday 12 NoonEnter here